Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Oct 21...

....and the countdown continues to the wedding...

Holy helll! I am so 'stressin' out' over this wedding, I feel like a 'mother-of-the-bridezilla' myself! I guess maybe because I've never even known anyone in "real life" who had a wedding this big!! I think it's just too much...but, I know, it's not my wedding...however, I am paying for half...it's my girl and I want her to have the perfect wedding that she's always wanted...hmmmm...when I married her dad, he proposed on Wed, we bought the rings on Thurs, got married at City Hall Friday!! Simple...straightforward...to the point...no, different circumstances (no, I was NOT pregnant, contrary to popular belief!), but in the end, the result was the same as what she'll get!!...breathe, Libby, breathe...

These are more pictures of Rogues Hollow. The big historical society building is, well, a wealth of antiques on the main floor, like a coal stove for cooking & heat, old pictures on the walls, etc. The coolest thing is that Tom knew the guy that lives there on the 2nd floor, as a caretaker! Because he's the local 'county sheriff', or whatever (retired), and he remembers Tom as having started the whole "Crybaby Bridge" campout that the boy scouts from all over Ohio do every October! I don't remember his name, but he was really nice. I sat there beside the steps, while he smoked and we talked for a long time about the history of the place, and how popular it is, especially in October!!
All right...I know a lot of my friends here won't agree with me, but I hafta...I can't keep my mouth shut anymore..
Obama & a lot of the other Democrats are starting to scare the shit out of me. First thing is when Obama said "I want to share the wealth". That's all very well & good, but...WHOSE wealth are you proposing we share? Mine? heheheheh...I don't think so! If I fucking worked hard enough to be wealthy, why do I not deserve to keep it? Yeah, there are other people in this country poorer than me...THATS LIFE!!! The first thing you should have been taught as a child should have been LIFE'S NOT FAIR! Or, well, I guess Obama also means "share the poverty"? Because if he raises taxes on some, to 'even things out' per se, that means "take from the rich & give to the poor". Wow...is this the land of opportunity, or what? "Woohoo, I'm free to slack off as much as I want, and someone that's worked their ass off all their life will just pay more in taxes. And that's alright, because all the taxes everybody pays gets scooped together and the government splits it up evenly, so everyone gets the same amount, so it doesn't really matter if I do my part...someone else picks up the slack." Thus...the reason socialism has failed miserably in every society it's ever been tried in...
And they talk about making college more affordable...WTF???? Why the hell would anybody want to go to college if they're only going to make the same amount of money as someone that didn't, and just lived the life everybody wished they had after high school..you know, sit around getting high, sleeping all day...who the hell would be stupid enough to WANT to work?? Even if you did, do you really think the good virtuous feeling you get from hard work is enough to keep you at it year after year??
Some high-level Democrats have done more for Senator McCain's cause than ANY advertisements could do...There's, ummmm, VP candidate Joe Biden, who announced to the world that we can expect a terrorist crisis (yes, he said "crisis"!) within 6 months of electing Barack president, because the world will be looking to "test" Obama! Hmmmm...all that does is make me want a president that knows what they're doing, not a person in training.
And there's brilliant John Murtha from Pennsylvania, who yesterday said the citizens in his state are racists. When pushed to correct that statement today, he said that it goes back to the people in the western parts of PA just have some redneck in them. Holy shit! Does ANYONE even think that Republicans would still be allowed to hold public office if they even THOUGHT that??




Okay..I'm done...I feel better...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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