Tuesday, October 07, 2008

weird..it's Tuesday...yet here I am writing...

I've just been listening to music again...

~Marcy Playground
~Aldo Nova (betcha don't remember them, do ya?)

~.38 Special

...and the best video I've seen in forever, Metallica, 'Nothing Else Matters' with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra! 'Enter Sandman' is there too, I just haven't gotten to it yet...
Well, I had to cancel my appointment for tomorrow for my hair, cuz it's supposed to rain all day, but I hafta get there soon!
'House' is on now...I figured that I didn't have any tv that I wanted to watch til 9, when the debate is on, but House is a bonus...(yeah, I got a crush on him too...but in his case, it truly IS for his mind..unlike James Hetfield, or Joe Elliot, or Scott Stapp!...them, it's purely heat!!).
God! That was horrible!! Excuse me!
Got another shot tonight. It's amazing how I can get the shot, and it doesn't hurt, and I have no side effects! It's also amazing how much difference there is between an intramuscular shot and one that only goes under the skin, as far as pain goes! I always figured that a needle going into your skin is gonna hurt, and it doesn't matter how deep it goes. But it really does matter...not to mention that this needle is SO MUCH SMALLER!!
I called Tif today to find out if she wanted to go with me to get me a dress or something for her wedding, and she's really not gonna have time, with all the last minute things for her to do, and her new job, where she works 10 hours a day...so I guess I'm on my own!...huh...time to get moving, I guess...

Since I won't be around doing much shopping for Christmas, I have some catalogues here...I get at least 2 or 3 a week in the mail...

Collections, etc

What On Earth

Betty's Attic

The Lighter Side

These catalogues have some of the best stuff I ever saw!! And the best part is that they're really cheap! That actually says a lot to me and lots of other people this year!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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