Saturday, June 06, 2009

Friday night after my first physical therapy...

This is a picture of me, Kim, & my oldest niece(Bro's first), in about 1979-80! (yes, it was from Olan Mills!)...And keep in mind, I didn't have my nose job until 1985, so, no smart-ass comments, thankyouverymuch!! We were in the ninth grade here, and she and her family had just moved out in the county, so she went to a different school...and that's leading up to the whole reason for this post and the pictures...

All the pictures in here are of my (well,our!)French scrapbook. We both took
French in ninth grade, and both our teachers assigned for us to do a notebook on anything French we could find. So, me being me, you know, all studious and everything, I got right to work on it *giggle* , I even have a couple of envelopes from my pen pal in France! HowEVer...if you look at the last picture, you'll notice the name on this scrapbook...and it's not mine!! *deep dark confession here*

My French classes' scrapbooks were due about 2 weeks before Kim's, so we figured she had helped put this together, well, you know...the true meaning of 'duplicity', if you will. Big see she only got an A-, & I got an A+...but you can't see my name & grade, that article on the right page is glued over it!! I was a horrible child...but I had more fun than most! I'm sitting here laughing my ass off right now!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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