Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday night of an eventful weekend...

Tif and Mr Tif took me over to Mom & Dad's house this afternoon, basically so I could take a last look and make sure that I got everything I was supposed to, since the house is just getting ready to go on the market (& I think Bro wanted to make sure I got all my stuff before G ended up with it. This picture is the dining room, and the middle is the fireplace in the family room, and the top one is the other side of the family room, looking out on the backyard and their screened-in porch that Tif & Mom used to sleep in when it was warm in the summer. I'm sure I'll have more pictures up in the future, I took 30 today!
I was just watching the TLC show about tall said he was sick of everyone asking "How's the weather up there?" Well, tell ya what. Good thing I'm not tall, cuz the first thing I'd do is spit on them, and say "It's raining." I know, I know, I'm just sick & wrong...
Kim called last night, that's just different! She didn't know Kev moved out 2 years ago, and moved in with his girlfriend & her 3 kids. She could hardly believe I still had that scrapbook from French class! Today I also found the report card from 8th grade that I got my first C on! I also found a box of old glasses from McDonald's...each one has a McDonald's character on it...Grimace, Ronald, The!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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