Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunny everywhere in town today!

What a beautiful summer day! Made to order for going out for a few hours and taking pictures of neat and interesting things, things that you see every day, but just overlook, because, for the most part, you're on your way to something else!! So I guess, in some way, this ms crap is kind of a blessing...I've just had to learn how to make it work

for me, or make myself work with it! The top picture up there is one of the big older houses that are all over town. The bottom picture is, well, where the one way street from the right turns into a 2-way street...I grew up about 2 blocks to the right of this. And that big building in the background on the right? Well, when I was in grade school, that used to be a vacant lot that my friends and I always got together in for evening softball games! But the library was built when I was about 10...and that, to me, was great! Yeah, the empty lot was a nice place to play, but, gimme a book anytime! Actually, I got pretty down on softball after I was pitching, and, someone hit a line drive at me, and I just wasn't thinking when I saw the ball coming straight at me. What should I do? Well, I should've dropped and laid down so it wouldn't hit me. Uh-huh...should've. Instead, I turned my back on it! What a goon! Remember, I was under 10...seriously...I'm amazed that I didn't get a huge hump on my back after that! Nonetheless, I kept playing softball in my early teens (after my back stopped hurting), I was on the city softball league for years, I loved playing softball! I would only play pitcher or first base, and I guess I must've been good at those positions, cuz they never said no. First base was my favorite!
Wow...once I open up memories, I'm kinda like a beer that's just been shaken up and opened, huh?
I didn't even leave to go out riding around until about 2 or 3, but that was okay...I didn't want to get 'overheated', which isnt good for ms...but I had fun. Definitely needed to do this! Usually, I go east and south in I purposely went west and then went north, across the railroad tracks. Which brought up all kinds of old memories. When Tif was 16, she'd take her car and go out in the evenings, and the first time she came home late, she tried to say it was because she got caught by a train. I said, well, if you were across the tracks in any direction, that's not where you were supposed to be anyway! lol!
But since I'm old I can go anywhere I want to...nyahhh, nyahh, nyahh!
So I did go different places, and saw different things & houses & flowers & people...I'll put some more pix up soon. When I was downtown close to an overpass (graffiti-laden), I went past a guy who was picking up cans, & he said something about how he wouldnt be picking them up if he couldn't turn them in for money...I said, "Oh yes you would! They look like crap laying around don't they?" And he just kinda nodded & smiled...I think he just dismissed me as a crazy nutjob...that's okay...he's not the first, and I'm sure he won't be the last...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!
I purposely didn't write anything about the three deaths of famous people this week, just because everybody else has written so eloquently about it, I thought there was just nothing else I could possibly add to it. But now, at around 8pm Sunday night, June 28, 2009, I just heard a report that Billy Mays died. Yes, Billy Mays, the "pitchman"! That wouldn't make as much of an impact on me if I hadn't just sat here a couple weeks ago and watched the tv show "Pitchman" with him and Anthony Sullivan, and it explained how they choose what products to endorse, and how, and everything! RIP, Billy, I admire you!

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