Thursday, June 18, 2009

just take me back...back to the rocking horse...back to where it all began...

Yeah, more pictures from Mom & Dad's house. This top one is of the part of the kitchen that had a desk-type thing built in...would be good for a computer, but they didn't have one, never wanted one. Mom had her typewriter set up here for writing letters that she mailed, and she did Christmas cards here.

This is the sunken living room. It's really big, we used to do Christmas Eve here. But, I guess since I never lived here, I just don't have a special 'feeling' about it, you know? It was always fun, more so when I was single and Tif was a little'un!

And I know this is a meaningless picture to most, but, this was my first reading light that Mom put above my bed when I was about 4 or 5, and got so hooked on reading so much that it was a necessity. And she kept it here in the spare room!
My title to this post comes from the song "Back To The Rocking Horse" by Poison. This is the first time I've actually listened to any Poison music since I found out Kevin took his butterball young girlfriend to one of their concerts (seriously...maybe she was in kindergarten when they were popular...). And yes, that's bitterness talking, cuz he would never go anywhere with me when we were married, my friends used to think it was weird that I had to go anywhere with them by myself, cuz he didn't want to meet anyone "If I don't know them now, I don't need to know them". In my next life, that'll NEVER happen! I can't be with an antisocial guy. How did I lose myself enough to let that shit happen?? I'm pretty embarrassed about that. But there were not major problems when we were married, we got along & had (shhh amazing sex) a lot of things in common, but I could drive, didn't have anything wrong, could go anywhere with all my friends that I wanted to, you know? The only friends he wanted was his family, and that's it. I had a hell of a hard time finding anybody to go to a strip club with him for our 10th anniversary. Cuz that was what I wanted to give him for our 10th, since he didn't have a bachelor party! Pfft! Live & learn.
After my first divorce at 19, I developed such a good 'self-preservation' instinct, that I would NEVER fall in love again. And I hung onto that for years, til I was 25. At the store I worked at up north, I was friends with everyone, dated some, but never took anything seriously! And, hey, thinking about it now, maybe that's why guys always wanted to be my friend, I was one they'd talk to if something was pissing them off, whether it was work or their 'significant other'. I remember, back in the good old politically incorrect 80's, all the fun & laughing in life. Nothing was serious enough to get pissed off at, unless it involved a kid (mine in particular!). I remember one time one of the beer drivers wanted me to go out with him. He told another girl that worked there, and she told me, and I said "I don't want to go on a date with him! I like him too much. I don't want to care about him too much! Sheesh! You're trying to kill me, arentcha?"
We just had TOO much fun up there!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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