Wednesday, June 03, 2009

hmmmph...50's's JUNE??

Well, I'm glad I closed the window last night! It was 52 when I got up today! It's June, for heaven's sake!!
Anyway...I have been SO friggin' busy for the last 2 days, I can't believe it!Yesterday I took the bus out to the clinic for a dr appt. While I was there, I went down and met the girl that's going to be in charge of my infusion, and we set up a date & time for me to get it. Since we had to pick a time that she, the biogen rep (who's coming from another state), and I can all be there for my first one...(wow...I never imagined having an audience for 'my first time'...I should charge !)!...and I had to make sure I could reserve the bus to pick me up at home and take me out there and take me home 3 hours later...but now I have a certain date, anyway!! June 24!! Woohoo! So I was there for about 2 hours yesterday, appt with one dr, then went to the infusion room for all that stuff, then back to the other building to see my ms dr's assistant & find out about physical therapy I'll be getting, ran into the dr in the hallway & we talked for a minute...then over to the other side of the clinic where the bus would pick me up...ran into a nurse that used to do my avonex shots years ago (no, I never ever 'self-injected'! if I was the type of person who could inject myself, I'dve probably o.d.'d years ago! I am FAR too much of a pussy to inject myself with anything, good for me or not! lol! I caught up on all the gossip at the nurses station...etc......then I got home around 4! Just in time to take a nap for a while, then wake up & do some Glenn Beck worship! HA! Then today at around 2, the head of home health at the hospital showed up with all the papers to go over for the physical therapy. He's nice, we sat here and talked for a while, he had to admire Truman...right after he left, the phone rang, and it was the guy who was gonna do my pt! I was surprised, said I wasn't supposed to start til tomorrow, but all he needed to do was evaluate what I can & can't I said, yeah, come on over, we can get that done now. He did, and that took about an hour, and Bro showed up right then and brought some things over from Mom & Dad's my safety patrol badge up at the top, from 4th & 5th grade!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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