Friday, June 12, 2009

middle of the weirdest week ever...

Holy Lord! I just heard on tv that Chastity Bono (hereafter known as 'Chazz') is having a sex change operation!! I don't know about you, fellow netters, but all I can do is remember the sweet little baby of Sonny & Cher's that they introduced to all of us back in the mid 70's, and she was just the cutest little baby girl you could ever imagine!
Remember the Sonny & Cher show?
This top picture is from the den at the end of the hallway at Mom & Dad's house, the next picture is of the master bedroom, and the bottom is the spare bedroom....that's Tif in the picture...but 25 years ago, that's me! Odd, huh? Seriously, the first time I downloaded this picture, I had to stop for a second and
shake my head and think "what year was THIS taken??" lololol!
Life is taking some really strange turns lately...for the most part, unless I'm missing something terribly here, it seems like it's going in the right way...but I'm scared to say that, lest I jinx it! I called Boo tonight & told her everything that's up. I kinda think when I called her, I was closer to a panic attack than I've ever been, and I'm just not like that! I usually thrive on stress! I'm really glad she was there, she made me laugh, and then it was okay. Actually, she said the exact thing I was thinking about...on the previews for the movie "Up", that old man IS my dad!! Exactly! The way he walks, or sits, his mannerisms...the first person that said that to me is Tif...& she said Kev said it to her. Then Boo said that to me tonight!! Wow!
Yesterday I had 2 appointments, one to the west, 2 hours later I had a bus taking me east. And after the first one, my scooter battery died! So when the bus came to pick me up at that one, she had to come & push me & the scooter onto the bus, then, (she's so nice!) swung by here on the way to get my hair cut, and pushed me & the scooter up my ramp (remember, I only weigh about 90 lbs!) so I could get the scooter inside here and switch & take my motorized wheelchair (hate that thing, but, got no choice sometimes...), & she took me back to H's salon for my haircut & color! And I got to see pictures of H's mom & dad, and her dreamy brother at one of her daughters' graduation party! Although, 'Jeff' looked much different. Not old, just different! He used to be blond, now his hair's really dark! He lives in Ft Lauderdale now! People actually live there? I thought they only partied there! Huh! Learn something new every day. And we talked about nosejobs, because she was the first person I knew that had one...see, she had no choice, because she was 10 and at the golf course with 'Jeff' & her dad, and she was sitting behind them when her big brother was tee-ing off, & his club caught the end of her nose on the upswing. OWEEE!! I think she was surprised how well I remembered that! And I thought mine was painful having a local anesthetic...but I also got valiums before the shots...
I actually love my physical therapy lady. As much as she pushes me! (she always reminds me- "P T stands for pain & torture, you know?") lololol...she did say something that made me feel great today...that it's nothing short of a miracle that I still am able to walk, even with a walker, since I've had ms since 1994. Hopefully, it's going to do nothing but improve when I start on tysabri...June 24th! But, I know, I'm not counting on it 100%!
I talked to the manager of the tanning salon yesterday, and asked her about the lady she takes care of sometimes. Because she had ms, but then got diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease too! I feel awful for her. She said she's going downhill really fast, they already had to put a feeding tube in. She's only the fourth person in the United States with those two diseases at the same time.
All right, sorry, didn't mean to be a 'downer'. I'm going to go read the funny book I'm in the middle of, "The Egg & I" by Betty McDonald, the author of the "Mrs Piggle Wiggle" books! Remember those?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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