Monday, June 01, 2009

Rabbit, rabbit!!

Happy June!! It rained last night, and now it's kinda like the world is clean...smells like it anyway!
I'm still waiting for the tysabri! Now it's starting to be a little ridiculous, you know? When I was at the dr's last week, I went down to the lab to get (a lot) of blood taken to check everything, liver function and all, and my Biogen rep called me Friday

afternoon and said that they had been in town training the iv nurses Wednesday, only they had all decided with my dr to train the nurses at the clinic where my dr is, not over at the hospital...which is fine, the hospital is only like 4 blocks from the clinic, which is where most drs offices are, and there's an outpatient hospital there too...confusing, I know, but

honestly, I don't give a shit where I get this iv, for heaven's sake! For all I care, I could just go over to the other side of town, and find a friendly neighborhood junkie to do this!! This drug better be worth it! Sheesh!
I must have heard something on tv about modeling while I was asleep, cuz I woke up thinking about when Tif was asked by Barbizon to go there when she was in beauty school doing hair. She'd gotten an 'invitation' to go to a modeling interview there one Sunday. It was exciting that she'd gotten asked to go by a 'scout' who saw her doing hair, so we went down to Cincinnati that day. There were about 300 people there, trying to get in this school, so, hell yes, it was exciting! It was an all day thing, with a bunch of Barbizon people doing interviews with each person, and they had a 'catwalk' for each person to walk down before their interview, so they could be 'evaluated'. Shit, I was excited, and it wasn't even me! I couldn't even imagine how exciting it would be to be 20 years old, and asked to be there by them! When it was her turn, before she got up to walk, I made sure to give her big big ol' hug and I love you, and I reminded her to not be nervous (which, I don't really think she was anyway), and "Remember...act like Paris Hilton...". So that went really well, then we had an interview with 2 people, and that lasted for probably 2 hours! And they called her the next day, and said that she had passed, and they wanted her to go there! was's a college, and there is tuition and all...suffice it to say, we couldn't even think about sending her there, and, after she thought about it, and after all the disappointment and stuff, she understood that we just didn't have that kind of money, and she said anyway, she'd really rather stay in the State Beauty Academy, and finish her hair license, she didn't want to leave town (yay! but I wouldn't have stopped her). And, looking back, now, this is the right thing for her...see, she met her husband when she was at a salon doing hair (Fantastic Sam's)...and he happened to come in there and she cut his hair! She thought he was all cute and all, then the next day, his friend who had been with him when she did his hair came in, and he said that his friend had a big crush on her, would she give him her phone number so he could give it to his friend? So...that's just neat, how I can look back at something we had wanted really bad briefly, and see how it went just perfect the way it turned out!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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