Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday night...still waiting for HOT weather!

My 'yittle Tif'...

See? I'm not always a heartless bitch! (only when it behooves me...) Naaahhhh...I just got done watching "The Pursuit Of Happyness", and, wow, that movie had me sad, happy, crying, just everything! I got one line out of it that had me bawling like an idiot...about how when you're in school & get a good grade on a test, you feel great, and think about all the stuff you could do...and now you think about it, and you haven't done ANY of it!! That's just about the saddest thing in the world. I'd feel that way if I didn't have Tif...even though having a baby wasn't even close to being on my 'to do' list.

Enough of that...the picture she's standing in front of my car...yes, that's right...MY car! That was the best car in the world, a 1983 Mazda RX-7! I used to look out the window & dream about having that car, because the guy that owned it lived downstairs from me. If I'dve known he was going to sell it, I'dve tried to buy it directly from him. As it was, I just happened to run across it when I was looking for a new car (new to me!) in 1988. And guess what kind of car I was trading in for it. A Yugo! Which I had bought after my Honda Civic got totalled...which was NOT my old lady ran a stop sign when I was in Tiffin, coming home from my boyfriend's mom & dad's house.(yeah, mine & mousie's boyfriend, that worked at our store in another town!). That lady, she was She had plowed through her stop sign and rammed my car at 35+mph while I had no stop sign & was going 25. She hit my right front side, & I wasn't wearing a seatbelt (of course not! It wasn't a LAW then!). So I flew sideways, & bonked off the passenger window, breaking the rearview mirror off with my head on my way over. By the time an ambulance was there, they were putting a collar on me & everything...meanwhile, the lady had rushed up beside me & was giving me hell for this in "How DARE you?? My husband just died last week!!" Holy crap! So they got me to the emergency room, & I had them call John to come and get me. Then we went back to his mom & dad's, and I had a beer through a straw, cuz I couldn't move my head!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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