Monday, December 19, 2005

birthday/Christmas week

some birthday pictures...
First, I have to say that I have truthfully never, ever had a better birthday in my LIFE!! Kat made me the big thick fleece blanket with the lighthouse, Kev gave me the black jacket with the green lining (it kinda matches my eyes)
..+ all kinds of other stuff! The whole party makes me wanna bawl thinking about it, so I think I better stop here...

Geez...none of the Calvins are going where I want them to! Waaaahhhhh! And I set them on large, but I know they're kinda hard to read.
What I miss a whole lot from being a produce manager in grocery stores is all the holidays...Christmas being one of the best! I was always the person who made the fruit baskets for people. They would come and find me, talk to me about what they wanted, who it was for...everything! But now, if you want to order a fruit basket, you go to the store, and look at their brochure that shows all the kinds and prices...THIS is progress?? Okay, I'll admit it right here and now...I LIKED the way stuff used to be done when I worked at stores in the 80's...(the good old days!) You know, politically incorrect and all! Get a backbone!! (more on this later)!!! No, one of the most fun baskets I made was when I was in northern OH. The woman who wanted it was a delivery driver, so I saw her a few times a week. And we have the same sense of humor...+she has a sister named Libby, but she said I was so much cooler...;-). So she told me it was gonna be for one of her neighbors out by her farm, who have big dogs, horses, etc! And she'd pay whatever, as long as I made it look good! So...I put all kinds of grapefruits, oranges, tangelos, apples, pecans, walnuts, bananas....and then topped it all off with bags of baby carrots for the horses, and big dog bones!! FUN to make!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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