Monday, December 05, 2005

stuff i DON'T want for my birthday & Christmas...

Here it is! The long anticipated beginning of my un-gift list!!

This is only a partial list, remember!

So, I was thinking last night about how most single (or looking-to-be-single) women say they want a man who is a REAL man, you know, just a strong, manly guy, who doesn't show his feelings ALL the time, but has no problem sharing them with you. So, here goes my opinion...I genuinely think we've seen the last of the strong men like that. And that is really sad. These new guys are being raised by moms. Not just regular moms, like we were, but moms! The ones who make a career of raising boys that are 'soft' & 'gentle'. It's almost like they think the world would be better off without any men who actually enjoy real "guy things"! Like, ummm, football? No, you can't play THAT, it's far too dangerous! Or elementary, no, you shouldn't play tag or hide and seek, because it makes the ones who are "it" feel picked on. No WAY can you play dodgeball! Holy shit, that'll KILL someone someday!! Well, okay, I guess you can play soccer...what? NObody's gonna keep score, we only play for fun, not to see who does something better. That's the quickest way to hurt somebody's self-esteem! Now quit your crying, and we'll go inside and take your ritalin. No wonder guys learn to cry a lot...wouldn't YOU? Then when guys grow up and they're in middle school, look who the guys are that get the girls. Ya, that's right...those big BRUTES, the football players that did all the stuff they were told not to! haha...and it's that way till graduation, you know, you've seen it/lived it. So, maybe this might be part of the reason online porn gets used so much by guys...who else doesn't try to boss him around, and tell him what he's doing wrong all the time? And now, women want to know where the REAL GUYS have gone? An emasculated little boy will never grow up to be the strong, self-assured man women really want...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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