Tuesday, December 13, 2005

what'll it be, what'll it be??

I think I need to put these on here, one a day...actually, maybe more, cuz I just counted, and I have 13 more, so I'll hafta do 2 one or two days.

My parents let me have Kim go with us on lots of short vacations, mostly because they felt pretty bad, cuz by then I was the only kid that went with them, my brothers were both older, moved out, had their own lives...
So, once, my parents took me & Kim to Gatlinburg for about a week. And Kim & I had a room by ourselves, totally separate from Mom & Dad's! And we were 15! Does anyone smell trouble here? There was a balcony overlooking a river right off our room, it was really neat! Then, if you turned around and walked through the room out our front door of the room, and (we were on the second floor) went down a flight of stairs, and you ended up looking right at a big outside pool! So one time when we were on the balcony looking at the river, we were also checking out the guys who were in the hotel across the river. There were about 4 of them and they were playing ZZTop really loud (the song 'Party On The Patio' & the rest of that tape). All of a sudden, one of the guys lifted up his beer, and yelled "Come on over!" So, of course, Kim & I looked at each other, whispered 'beer', and shrugged our shoulders, and yelled "Give us a minute!" (you know, fix our hair, makeup, change our clothes....). Then we knocked on Mom & Dad's door and told them we were going to go walk around downtown, we'd be back for dinner...and they said ok!! Just the perfunctory "Be careful, girls, and stay together so nothing happens." Oh my God, how lucky have we been all our lives? "Stay together" was what always got us INTO trouble!!
We ran down the stairs, looked at the pool and decided we had to use it later, then took off to try to find the bridge over the river. We found it, went over, and found the hotel and the room # they'd told us. We got there and it WAS a party on the patio! Walked in, first thing they shoved a beer in each of our hands! THEN we all exchanged names, ages, and where we were from. They were all down from Cincinnati, cuz they had just graduated (that was way before people's parents would pay for a trip for their kids to go to Cancun, Florida, Aruba...). We sat there and bullshitted, and drank for a few hours, then we had to get back to meet in the restaurant for dinner. One of the guys was really cute (yes, I remember his name...but it goes to the grave with me!). Anyway, we made plans for him to come over to our room at midnight, and maybe bring this other guy, whose name was JuneBug (huh??), at least that's what they called him...(remember, they WERE 18, and that was cool.). Okay, gonna try to make this long story short(er)...after we went to dinner with my parents, and told them how much FUN it was walking around all of downtown Gatlinburg (heh heh), we said we were going back to our room to just lay around and watch tv, we were tired from all the walking around we'd done that day *with appropriate yawning and stretching*. The guys came over and knocked on the door (quietly!) at midnight....with more beer! We all took a beer, then sneaked down to the pool outside. There was a sign that said no swimming after 11 pm...but, #1, there was just a puny little waist-high metal gate, and it just had a lock that slid back & forth...not really a lock, just a latch. and #2, well, we weren't really planning on swimming per se, just getting in the water and, well, acting like, ummm, dumbass teenagers, skinny-dipping & stuff! Just quietly! After we got done messing around in there and we got away with it, JuneBug said he was going back to his room, and left. Kim & **** & I went back to our room, and went in quietly, cuz mom & dad's room was right next door (no connecting door, thank goodness). We all just sat there watching tv and Kim & I still had our same beers drinking them (ya, we were lightweights...then!). Eventually, **** and I ended up over on my bed making out...all very well and good til Kim walked up behind *** and stood there making faces and waving at me over his shoulder. Hint...to absolutely kill any romantic mood on the guy's part, start laughing in his mouth while he's kissing you, finishing off with a good strong bite of his tongue. Especially when he pulls away and asks, angrily, 'what's so funny!!?', and you two try to tell him 'we're not laughing at you, but...hohohahaha...well, she hohohohohohahahahaha!' For sure, he'll get really pissed, and get up and say 'gotta go, bye'. And my mom & dad thought I didn't know how to stay safe on my own! Pee-shaw!! Anyway, it was a great week! Mom just said something about Gatlinburg a few years ago, and she said "I listened all night because I thought you two'd sneak out or something." I didn't tell her 'we didn't HAVE TO sneak out...we snuck somebody IN!!'
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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