Friday, December 30, 2005

old stuff...

I know this happens to everybody, right? You smell a certain cologne you recognize, or you hear a song that used to be a BIG part of your life, and you close your eyes & you're right back there. When I listen to a song by 'Foreigner', I'm automatically 21 years old (ok...stop the smartass remarks!), and working at a grocery store again. And, I know almost nobody will get this, but I've got some Foreigner music blasting here (thank God nobody's home!), and I just went out to the kitchen to load up a bowl of ice cream, and opened the freezer...had my head stuck in it, and all of a sudden I smelled "freezer air"! No, not stinky, just...frozen air! I opened my eyes, and it was really like I WAS in the old freezer, in the first store we worked at, behind the meat department, unloading gallons of ice cream and stacking them on a cart so I could take them out for sale. And I was thinking about the really hot guy with the cute little ass working on the other side of the wall. That was (oh, I forgot...that's Kevin!) before I knew Kevin's name! I knew Ken then (Kev's little brother...the #2 son...'the shitty one', as he, & I'm sure, Jill refer to him...;-) . I helped out with stocking the frozen food for a year or!
I still have dreams that I'm working there or shopping there about every month. Even though that store isn't there anymore.
We all used to have fun there, like on breaks & lunches! I'll never forget the meat managers that used to work at the store sometimes, when one of us would walk past, they'd yell "Go get lunch! I'll buy if you fly!". HA! What girl with no money would say no? One day, a bunch of us were sitting back there on lunches, and we were all picking on Phil, a stockboy, (Tiffany was only about 1 and 1/2...she always called him Pickle. He was the hairiest little troll I have ever seen in my life!! But he was a nice high school kid). We were laughing at Phil cuz he had a reputation for the fact that he never had money on him, but, he would eat anything for a dollar! I had just taken over the produce dept, and had gotten finished unloading my produce truck, and flopped down on a seat back there. Then Ken (or somebody) dared Phil to eat one of the jalapenos I'd just unloaded a case of. After some heavy-duty negotiations, Phil said "I'll do it for $5.00!". And, of course, we each chipped in a dollar...especially me, because I KNEW exactly what just touching the outside skin to a cut on my hand did! He picked up the biggest, ugliest pepper out of the case, and, after making a big show, held it up & bit into it! Just imagine a guy's hair & face catching on fire, and his eyeballs burning & running down his face. Yup, that was Phil. Then he jumped up and ran over to my big produce sink, where I had a case of trimmed celery soaking, and plunged his whole head into it!! That was just the beginninng of the fun I had there!! Nobody has EVER laughed that hard or loudly!! Poor Phil...although we DID pay him...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!


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