Tuesday, January 03, 2006

mice & stuff....

Okay...we're still not done with the 'takedown' of Christmas stuff. Kevin got the tree and everything in the living room done yesterday, and Tiff and Zach's gonna have to get outside & do that soon. But Zach wanted to watch all the football on yesterday. The first picture up there is a picture of the mice that we bought at Meijer about 13 years ago. They're on a little electric string, and they play about 20 Christmas songs in a row by hitting their bells(not BALLS!)hehehe. Anyway, I just started thinking about it, and I've never seen anything like this any more!! The next one is a Far Side cartoon (Gary Larson). I have even more of his books than I do of Calvin!
Okay, I guess I better get to the real shit now. On July 4, 1979, Kim & I went to the fairgrounds here in town with my mom & dad, to watch the fireworks. We had fun, but after it was over, we told Mom & Dad we were gonna walk home, ok, pleeezzeee??? So, they let us...(huh?).That was weird, cuz it was all the way across town, and we WERE only 14!! No, I'm not blaming them AT ALL!! Trust me, we were little bitches, and I sure wouldn't have wanted to be with us! Would you??
We promised to be back at my house at midnight, & walked off. (checking out every cute guy we went past, & then turning around & checking the "rear view"!). We were almost to the front of the fairgrounds when we saw 5 or 6 guys walking the same way, & I totally zoned in on one! He was so way hot! We walked closer to them, and I (yeah, me...) 'accidentally on purpose' ran into the last one, who looked the oldest and was kinda cute, but nothing like the one I liked! Whose name was actually Kevin, too. So we all decided to walk to this one playground behind an elementary school that was across the street from that Kevin's mom & dad's house. We were just chasing each other around and playing on the trees & swings & stuff. And then some of the guys pulled out their firecrackers and started lighting them & throwing them at each other! What happened after that was like a preview of what happened 2 or 3 yrs later with Hermie! That Kevin threw a firecracker in a big metal barrel. We all covered our ears & waited, but....no ka-boom! Steve (another of the guys we knew from school), finally walked over to the trash can, picked it up. and stuck his head down in it....BOOOMMM!!!! We all jumped, and I asked Steve if he needed to go dump out his pants...Yeah, anyway...we walked the, ummmm, mile or so, to a big scary building across the street from my house. Kevin grabbed my hand and we walked over behind the building...and we just stood there and kissed for about a half hour. Then we went back to everyone else & I told 'em we had to get home. Kim looked at me, and yelled, "God! You look like you just got laid!!" Grrrrr! I was only 14, for heaven's sake!!! So, Kevin & I exchanged phone numbers, and went home. And for the next 2 yrs, I was hooked! Not so for him...that began my 'career' of being fucked around on...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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