Monday, January 09, 2006


Okay, it's a Monday, isn't it? So I feel justified in bitching...but only on Mondays!
I got up today at 10:30 am, didn't feel bad at all, so I got up & went out to the kitchen to get my freakin' medicine, like I do every morning! Vitamins, and all the ms meds, like dizzy pills, trembly hand pills, anti-seizure pill like dilantin, one that's supposed to make my legs less stiff, etc...So I got those, something to eat, some chocolate milk, and went back to bed to watch Dr Phil, and read. I kept feeling like I had to stretch, so that's what I did. Figured that maybe that was what I needed, cuz I'd had 8 hours of sleep, ya know? I did that, then went to get up again, so I could do some laundry or something. fucking legs would not bend!! Well, my knees. Anyway. I tried to think about what one of my meds coulda done that, and I'm blaming the 'Baclofen', for stiff muscles. I do know that a side effect of that stuff is to make your legs a bit heavier, so, like, when you walk, sometimes you have 'foot drop', and trip a little So now it's about 6:30 pm, and I'm feeling normal again (for a person with ms, anyway). I got worried before my legs got that stiff, and went back to the kitchen and took another lamictal (anti-seizure), cuz I had no idea what was up, and I DAMN sure don't EVER want another seizure! They're SCARY!! (that's what I hear, anyway.) Then Kevin called me from work on his first break around 1, and I told him what was up, he offered to come home for me (well, maybe for him! ;-D ), just kidding! But I said, no, I'm fine, I'll call your cell if something goes wrong, ok? And he told me that's ok...but just don't go and do anything stupid, or die, or anything, and if you fall down & bleed, DON'T BLEED ON THE CARPET, OKAY??
Hmmmmpphhh, again. So I went to the freezer & ate 1/2 of a half gallon of peppermint stick ice cream while I pouted at myself!
So, today, no cold, now my legs are fine, but Kev said I should stay sittin' on my ass tonite...who am I to argue with him??
BTW, I got this cool-ass catalogue in the mail Saturday, and I WISH it would've been here before Christmas!!
check out their t-shirts!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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