Saturday, January 14, 2006

tag answers for christine....and mary!

Ok, ok, I give up!! I guess I have to wake up and join the world, huh? ;-)

1) Hum a jingle of which you know all the words...
"A is for apple...J is for jacks..Cinnamon-toasty Apple Jacks..." (only us 'old folk' know that one, though...)
2) As a kid, you played a board game over and over. And you cheated, you little bastard. What was the game?
Oh, this hurts to admit!! I always had my friends come over to play Monopoly, when I was 10-ish...and I always WON...because "it's MY house, I have to be the banker!"
3) What is the song that you have been singing the incorrect words to all these years? What were you singing? What should you have been singing?
This is even more embarrassing :-( The first time I heard the song "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" by AC/DC, I was at a bar, drunk and dancing with my friends, and I was singing "Dirty jeans, dungarees!!". I honestly hope I played it off well enough, saying, "I was JUST fucking asround!! I was drunk, remember??".
4) What is the most embarrassing childhood story your parents drag out just to piss you off? ( parents never try to fuck with me, they just like to make me mad...)
I was in the dining room with Mom, I was about 3, and she was trying to call her friend, but she kept getting frustrated, and hanging the phone up, saying, "Oh! The line's still busy!", then she'd go clean up some more 'breakfast stuff', and come back to try the phone again. About the third time she headed for trhe phone, I piped up, "Mommy, the line's still busy." She looked at me like I was really weird, and said "How would you know that?", and I pointed out the window, because our old house had all kinds of wires & a clothesline in the backyard. There were a bunch of blue jays sitting on the clothesline, and I guess that's the line I thought she was talking about...I never understood why she laughed so much about it...until I got older!
4 Jobs I've Had
1. Mommy
2. Cashier At A Grocery Store
3. Assistant Head Cashier there
4. Produce Manager
5. Customer Service Rep with GTE
4 Places I've Lived
1. Massillon, Ohio
2. here
3. here
4. here (lived in two different towns in my life, don't even remember the first!!)
4 TV Shows I heart
1. Cold Case
2. CSI, CSI New York (Gary Sinese...mmmmm)
3. Without A Trace
4. Nanny 911
4 Places I Have Been on Vacation
1. London, England
2. Marco Island & Naples, Florida
3. Houston & Galveston, Texas
4. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
4 Web Sites I Visit Daily
1. eBay
2. blogs!
3. my city's newspaper
4. MSN Gaming Zone
4 Favorite Foods
1. STEAK!!
2. Mexican
3. A Huge Tossed Salad with bleu cheese dressing
4. Sausage
4 Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
1. Michigan
2. South Carolina
3. Pennsylvania
4. Anywhere But Here...
Names of 4 People I Do Not Heart
1. Angelina Jolie
2. Barbra Streisand
3. Ted Kennedy
4. Jane Fonda
....and too many others to list...

Okay, Mary & Christine! There it is...any more dirty laundry ya wanna know about??
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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