Tuesday, January 10, 2006

long, long ago...when work was un-pc! (and much more fun!)

Does everybody remember work actually being FUN & SOCIALIZING?? Because that's what I always made my jobs be! I remember a long time ago, a cashier that worked at the same store as me, well, if she was talking, she was bitching about her job....one night when I was in charge, she was bitching, and I finally told her that if she hated her job that bad, well, nobody was begging her to stay...and if she just put all that energy into finding a job that didn't suck, she might find something better for herself...and, under my breath, as I turned away "and for us, too".Ya, she quit 3 days later, blaming it on the bitch in the produce dept! heheheh! But that was when I was at the store in "Fo-town", and I was only 21. haha She should've given me 20 years to hone my skills...
I had an assistant supervisor back in 1989-90, when I was working at our brand new store here in town (had transferred back in summer 89). And that was right around the time Kev & I started dating (but nobody knew we were yet!, cuz he was the meat manager & I was produce mgr...shhhh) So, my assistant supervisor was 'Woody' (no, not A Woody!). I pretty much started the 'ready-made salads' at our grocery stores in this town, before you could buy 'ready-made Dole salads' in a bag. Anyway...Woody & I were mixing up a salad in a great big 'lug', and then when we got done, I went over & got the plastic bowls & lids. I come back, and Woody's standing there looking at his hands..."God, it's just fucking amazing how clean your fingernails get when you're making a salad!!" Holy crap!! I thought I was gonna bust a GUT laughing!! I know, gross, right?
Then there was the time that he was there before I got there one morning, and started yelling at me cuz I was 5 minutes late. I just lost it, and said "Woody! You are the wet spot on the bedsheet of life, ya know??" And, miracle of miracles, he started laughing his ass off, and didn't fire me!! ....I quit 2 months later, when Kevin & I got married, though...then he actually got ahold of me when Tiff started selling Girl Scout cookies when she was in first grade, and bought a bunch! Never saw him or heard from him again, either. (maybe we shouldn't have spit on them, huh!?). Okay, got tons more stuff from all my old jobs, so I'll continue on them later...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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