Thursday, January 12, 2006

more ancient work stuff

I'm thinking back to some of the other stuff that went on up at that store, cuz I think I grew up when I was there, and also learned that your job doesn't HAVE to suck! Well, I KNOW I grew up there! For God's sake, I was 20, & had a 1 1/2 year old baby at home to raise, where we lived in our own apartment, an hour away! This actually came to mind last night. Tiffany had M, her cousin (ya know the Dora the Explorer fan! She's 4) stay overnight last night so they could have one of their 'mini-slumber parties'. They went to Wal-Mart, cuz M forgot her toothbrush, so Tiff took her out there & they got a Barbie one! And Barbie toothpaste! There was a cop out there and he was fingerprinting kids, and giving them all kinds of safety stuff. He looked at Tiffany and said "Would you like to have your daughter's fingerprints done?" Tiff just about shit! She said "No, no, no!! She's my niece!! I'll tell my aunt about this, maybe she'll bring her back tomorrow and do it!" And when they got home, Tiffany was like "Dad!! I can't believe he thought she was MINE!! I'm only 22!!" I was sitting around the corner in the bedroom reading, and I just busted out laughing!! "Uhhhhh, Tiffany, guess what....when you were 4, just how old do you think I was?" She just stopped and stood still for a second...then she said "Man!! There is NO WAY I could do this!!" (phew!!)
Okay...on with some of the funny shit..
I was also in charge of checking all deliveries in, + doing the produce. That was neat, cuz I met all of the delivery drivers (pop, beer, Frito, etc...,). One of the women is still a great friend of mine, we email a lot! We always laughed and picked on each other all the time. I was up in the office, writing one of the beer guys a check in the office, and I dropped the pen. I bent over to pick it up, and he acted like a regular 25 year-old guy...put his hand on top of my head and acted like he was pushing it down!! (DICKWEED!). So I stood up all of a sudden, and said (real loud!) "Eric!! Stop that!!! You're gonna activate my gag reflex, and you DAMN SURE don't want that mess!!"
Another time, I was in the office again, writing a check. My other friends from other depts were up by the office waiting for me, so we could go to lunch. Then I realized that Bertha, the big fat bossy head cashier was on her way to the office. So, I threw the checkbook in there, (this safe was one of those big, huge enormous ones, if you're standing beside it, it's up to your chest!), and I crawled in after it, and closed the door with the lock on it. Bertha came lumbering heavily up the 2 or 3 steps, muttereing and bitching, she bent over to get some rolls of change out ("those stupid cashiers!!"). When she opened the safe door, I reached out and grabbed her arm! Damn, I NEVER knew a person could scream that loud. Or fall back on her ass so hard...(that's ok, she had a ton or two back there, anyway!). Oh shit, I gotta go, I'm laughing my ass off just picturing her again!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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