Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Okay, I'm back...I had my own little 'mini-vacation', okay??
I've just been so fuckin' EXCITED since the Steelers are gonna go to the Super Bowl...and it's in Michigan!! Kevin just told me that Bill Cowher is having them wear their white jerseys to the game, he said Cowher won't say why, but he thinks it's probably that they won the last 3 away games in the white, so he thinks it's lucky...I do NOT blame him for that!! Even though they're gonna be classified as the home team this game...hell with that!! I absolutely know I'm making tons of enemies, too, but.....And I feel bad, actually, (no not about Denver) cuz I do like the Seahawks, but when they're up against my Steelers.....phhhtt! or...pee-shaw!
Kevin and I went out grocery shopping Monday, cuz he was still off, it was his 'personal day'. We actually had fun! I was using one of those carts for disabled people (I prefer to say I'm 'crippled', because you oughtta see the looks you get then!!). We went to the new super Wal-Mart (it's really nice!), & we were there for about 2 hours wandering around. And that's odd for Kevin, cuz he hates going to grocery stores, says he's sick of 'em, cuz he was a meat manager in one for so many years. Myself, I LOVE to grocery shop, and to look at all the new stuff they have, especially in the produce dept. Kathy said once when I was still the one that did all the shopping, when she went to the refrigerator to get a Pepsi, "What the hell is this? You guys must always go down the 'weird food' aisle!". Hmmmppphhh! Only because we had a bottle of green ketchup in the door...but you know what? My daughter ALWAYS used to love going to the grocery store with me, cuz as produce manager, I used to also run register when we got real busy, so I always got to see new stuff! So I was the one grabbing the new sugary cereal, new snack foods, etc! Oh, and new popsicles. Anyway, their main aisles are super-wide, so when Kevin was pushing his cart down one side, I speeded up the cart I was on, and did the rrrrrmmm-rrrrrrmmmmm up beside him! And told him I was doing my best Tony Stewart imitation...he just looked at me...I guess that's probably why I don't have a driver's license anymore, huh....
And this is WAY off the subject...but when we were in the store, there was a song by 'Wham' on Muzak. (you know, George Michael?). That took me WAY back to when I worked at the store up north. There was a guy that looked exactly like George Michael, even down to the super whie teeth, and the scruffy beard (mmmm)! When I'd see him come in the door of the store, I'd go back in my backroom & get on the intercom, & say "Rachel, to the produce aisle", and all the other girls I worked with would come over there, cuz they knew what I meant. (that was our code for 'you have GOT to hurry! this guy's HOT!!), cuz there wasn't a 'RACHEL' that worked there! Part of my job as produce manager was to go to the other stores in town Monday after I got the case set for the day, and do price checks on their produce, so I could keep my prices lower than them. (the shit we were allowed to do then!). The first store in town I headed to was Kroger. I was driving my little poopscooter ('80 brown Honda Accord) down the 4 lane main street, & looked at the car beside me, and it was him!! We smiled at each other & waved, then he started to drag race me, so we did that kid-stuff all the way down the street, til I turned off to go to Krogers. I went in and did all my price checks (took about a half-hour). Came out and headed to my car, and got there, and, oh my God, he was standing there, leaning against my driver's door!! I just walked up and said...uhhh..I'm not sure what I said, but I'm sure my tongue was hanging on the ground. We started introducing ourselves, and talking, then I said I should get back to work. And he said he'd follow me, cuz he lived close to it, and wanted me to stop by his apartment maybe I should follow him, so I knew where he lived. So I did. And of course when we got there, he asked me in, I went, we kept talking, (that's all! well, he kissed me goodbye when I left) and I didn't get back to work as soon as the manager thought I would.....and he had had to unload the produce truck cuz I wasn't there. Boy, was he pissed! But when I told him where I'd been, he understood and laughed his ass off at me! That guy had asked me out for the next Saturday night to a bar in another town, but when I was unloading my truck Sat, I saw his car pull up out in the parking lot, and he came up to the door and met me outside carrying flowers, and gave them to me, & said he was sorry, but he couldn't go with me Saturday...he'd gotten back w/his ex-girlfriend. Grrrrrr! But I was gracious, told him it was ok....then went out that night to a bar in that town & got shit-face-drunk!! Sad ending, huh? ;-)
Very off the subject. See where a song can take me?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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