Wednesday, December 21, 2005

it's all coming together...

This is really starting to get exciting! I feel like I'm one of the little kids before Christmas! I can never sleep the night before Christmas, it's almost as hard as it used to be when Mom & Dad used to take me and a friend to Cedar Point, and we never could go to sleep the night before...

Today went SO freakin' awesome! Someone's knocking on the door every day 2 or 3 times a day to deliver boxes (Fed-Ex, UPS...), and I usually have seen that driver, so they know my balance is too bad to carry the box, so they bring it in for me. I know this isn't the thing to do, but, this house is, like, the poster-child of conspicuous consumption-ism this year. This has almost never happened, we're usually just not like this...but, I hafta admit, it's fun. Okay, okay, trust me, if the choice was mine, I'd be the one that went to work at a retail store (I am the merchandising/buying queen for the produce department, and Kevin used to be the king of it all in the meat departments) [ergo....we got married]. But, hey, you hafta play the cards you were dealt, huh? So, for the most part this year, I take care of whatever needs done around here, on the phone, etc. However...Kevin pulled off the biggest thing he could this morning! Every morning, he always checks certain stores' websites, to see if they have the x-box 360 in. Usually it never is. But today, I'm layin' in the bed watching 'Sylvia Browne Wednesday' on Montel, & I hear Kev say "woohoo! It'll be here tomorrow!!" He just happened to check the Circuit City website, and they had them!! So, for sure he'll have plenty to do this weekend! Especially cuz he's off Monday! Yes, everybody, he's been planning for this since early summer, so this is one of those 'plus' presents...And, while I was in the shower this morning, the girl Tiff used to work with at Maurice's called, and said the coat we ordered for Tiff was in, she was unloading it then! So Kev's gonna go pick that up in a couple hours. It's, just, everything's going almost TOO good. Kinda like when you're holding a rubber band, stretching it back, back, back, it's working, ya know? And all of a sudden, it snaps & hits you right in the eyeball! I'm just waiting for the 'eyeball hit', if you will. I hate pessimism....

Okay...done for today...remind me later, the next 'Kim story' has to be done. It's called "The Shoes At The Top Of The Telephone Pole".

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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