Friday, December 02, 2005

lazy day...

Hey everybody!! Click on the link above and scroll down and read the contents of this VERY CAREFULLY!! I seriously thought I was going to choke to death laughing last night when Kevin showed me this!! I LOVE this!! No, maybe I'm just jealous, cuz I didn't think of it first!!

All right...guess I'm done with laughing at someone else's stupidity...errrr...misfortune.
So, some of the Christmases Kim & I had when we were teenagers were really stupid, too. I know, when I was a teenager and Mom & Dad never pushed me to get a job, my parents gave me money to go Christmas shopping for everyone (for presents from me!). That really sounds terrible, & now I'm ashamed...but, when I was that age, I didn't care. Anyway, I was always totally jealous of all my friends, cuz they could always buy their dads stuff like jeans, hobby stuff, everything, but my dad has never ever worn jeans in his life! And his only 'hobby' was golfing (and picking on me, of course, cuz I was pretty ugly at that age, as most 13 year old girls were then...not now!! What the hell happened?). Seriously, Ken was here one day when Tiff was about 14 or 15 and had a bunch of friends here. They were all playing in the backyard, and Ken looked at Kevin, and said, "None of the girls I went to school with looked like that, ya know?" Anyway, back to the shit going on...when I was getting my dad a present, I had a choice of belts, socks for work, & ties, or a shaving cream dispenser. Well, my mom always wanted to buy me stuff like 'old lady' looking clothes from Sutton & Lightner's (remember them?) like dresses (bleahhh!), and jeans from there. Which, the jeans were not only ugly, but she always told me I should wear size 5 or even 7! Mind you, still, to this day, I WEAR SIZE 3!! So I always was one of the girls that got made fun clothes might've been expensive, but they were always baggy!! So, one Christmas, Kim had asked for some sweaters...she looked under their tree about a week before Christmas, and of course she was always poking, shaking her presents, etc. But the year we were 15, she waited til we were out of school on Christmas break and her mom & dad were at work, she actually picked a present out from under the tree in a box that looked like it had clothes in it. She opened it (her little brother was over at a friend's), but only one end, and slid the box out, opened it, & it was a sweater she'd wanted. So...(classic Kim!), she took the damn sweater out of the box, put it in her room, taped the present (empty!) back up, and put it back under the tree! Then when her mom brought her over to my house so we could go to the teen dance they had every week, she brought the sweater and wore it! Then the next day, she took it home, and wrapped it back up in the box, and it went back under the tree!! OMG!! I'dve NEVER had the guts to do that! Usually I was the "idea person"...she was just dumb enough to DO IT!! Another time she did something that was her own idea was way before we knew each other...she held her little brother down when they were fighting (he was about 9, she was 11 or 12) and she gave him the world's biggest hickey on his neck!! HAHA!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!
also funny!

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