Friday, December 09, 2005


Well, just like I thought. We got maybe 3 or 4 inches last night (of snow!) So, I'm picking up on the bad Christmas presents..okay, that's the book &, ummmm...paperweight, and t-shirt that I don't a matter of fact, I honestly don't know anyone that would want ANY of these things! I can think of LOTS of people I'd love to give them to (you know who, Jill??), but I really don't have any extra to spend on this stuff...
Anyway, as soon as the first snow hits every year, I always remember the years I worked an hour north of here, and drove it every day (nope, Kim's not in this one...she's never worked after she got married). Before Kev & I got married, or even thought about dating, I used to get up every morning at 5:30 am, and look out the window to see how much it had snowed the night before. If it looked deep, I'd call the State Highway Patrol, and ask how rt 23N was...however, soon I matter how much snow there was, they'd always say "snow covered and slippery". Actually, I learned that the first time I tried it. I went anyway, after I dropped Tiffany off at her babysitter's here in town. I got out to 23 N, and it was totally clear! All it had was some snow blowing across the road, but that was nothing! The only time I really remember it being bad was in January/February 1994. I've almost always had a job that was at least an hour away from where I've lived, cuz I always LOVED to drive! (see the irony here, anybody?). In early 1994, when I started a job as produce manager in Findlay (the BEST town in Ohio!), the first week I was driving up there, it was so snowy & windy (yes, State Hwy patrol had said "snow covered and slippery" when I called that morning too...obviously I gave them just as much regard as I had 10 years before :-)
As I was leaving the next county, I actually saw a semi-truck, on its side on the edge of the road!! I've seen shit-tons of things when I was driving, but...I'dve never thought that would happen!! In that January/February, I saw 4 trucks like that on 23! Musta been awful for those drivers!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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